Hubbell & Hubbell focuses on building with profound respect for our planet, specializing in straw bale homes and other green building techniques such as green roofs, natural plasters, adobe, rainwater harvesting.

Since creating the firm in 1995 with my father, James Hubbell, a world-renowned artist deeply embedded in San Diego’s culture, we have built an established reputation for personally serving our clients and professionally applying our expertise to a wide spectrum of projects—from residential home design and remodeling to public facilities such as churches, zoos, parks, nature centers, and tribal centers.

Our first duty as architects is to create spaces that celebrate the excitement and mystery of our world in ways respectful of nature’s laws, as well as in ways that connect people to nature’s nourishing beauty.

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We must lead the way in reducing our impact on the Earth.

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“WE LOVE THE HOUSE… and the way the curves of the roof are lined up with our entry walkway is incredible. You Drew, did a fantastic job designing this house. Thank you very much… We LOVE this house and pinch ourselves each day to make sure it’s really ours.”
Steve and Nona Barker, Clients
“I really appreciate that you and your staff were at the forefront of pushing green building and sustainability long before most people knew the terms existed. I remember back in the mid nineties when it was really only your team and a few others that were making things happen in San Diego. Thanks to your efforts, and those like you, there is a much clearer path towards a more sustainable future.”
David Hetherington, Assistant Project Manager for local affordable housing non-profit
“It was a great pleasure for me personally to work with Drew and James Hubbell on this project. I and my colleagues especially appreciated their calm, professional, responsive approach as well as their commitment, creativity, collaborative spirit and respect for our project budget and timeline. The Port is very proud of the Pacific Portal project. Hubbell’s distinctive artistic structure has become a real landmark and focal point—both from land and water—on the shore of San Diego Bay….It was a pleasure working with them in every respect, and I would certainly recommend them for future commissions.”
Allan Tait, Port of San Diego, Public Art Department Project Manager
“As an occasional participant in the San Diego Friends Meeting at the Church of the Brethren, I want to thank you for the inventive and graceful building that you designed.”
Kay Stewart, Landscape Architect
“In 2005 I had the opportunity to work closely with Hubbell & Hubbell Architects and Schmidt Design Group on Briercrest Park, a very successful project located in the City of La Mesa….Hubbell & Hubbell was very good to work with on this project. They were responsive to the City’s direction and added significant value to the project with their creativity and attention to project objectives. Community approval of the final project has been overwhelmingly positive upon completion and use of the park.”
Dave Witt, City of La Mesa, Assistant City Manager / Community Development Director
“We really enjoy our new [straw bale] home. It has lived up to our dreams so far. It stays cool in the summer, staying in the low to mid seventies most of the time, got into the high seventies a couple days when the outside temp was in the high nineties for a week. The winter temps are great. It has yet to drop under seventy except in the mud room, which we keep closed off from the rest of the house. We do use the wood burning stove; however, one full burn a day keeps it warm enough for t-shirts for 24 hours. It’s a great home, and a big hit for all those that have seen it. The home feels like a favorite sweater; warm, comfortable, and easy to move around in.”
Gary Waayers, Client
“Blending the practicality of architecture with the beauty of art and nature into ‘soul-stirring’ cost and energy-efficient structures might seem noble yet unattainable, until one reviews the catalog of Hubbell projects: residences, schools, chapels, sculptures and mosaics.”
Tia Blassingame, NY Arts Magazine (Jan/Feb 2004)

“We absolutely love the house. We wouldn’t change a thing!”

Rhonda and Nigel Farrar, Clients

“The sisters’ rooms are better insulated in the new building so not as many of us have gotten sick. The insulated walls keep us warm from the mountain air.”

Nun from Deer Park Monastery

“When the principals discussed architect selection, it was amazing how quickly the clear choice emerged as Drew Hubbell of Hubbell and Hubbell Architects. It became quickly evident that Drew & James Hubbell enjoy rock-star status due to their artistic architectural designs that are known to be on the cutting edge of the ‘green’ movement. All subsequent contacts the principals have had with the architect have supported the correctness of choosing Hubbell and Hubbell.” (On Casas Verdes)

W & S Development

“Your father’s completed work at St. James is nothing less than a holy experience in itself. We are so grateful for having his art as part of our parish. I am forever grateful and thankful that Jim was willing to take on this effort.”

Patrick W. Caughey, Wimmer Yamada and Caughey Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning

“We’ve really appreciated your skill and talents. All of us feel we’re on the same page with you. It’s been fun to see some of the cool stuff you spec’d come alive here.”

Tom Madeyski, Client

“I see that the Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve Interpretive Center is celebrating its 10th anniversary…I want you to know that the capital campaign to fund that facility, and the vision for what it has become, stands as one of my most important accomplishments in my nonprofit career. Working with the two of you was a dream come true. Camille and I are so grateful to know you and to be a part of your lives. It was a joy to be a part of creating such a beautiful manifestation of the love we all have for this beautiful land.”

“Hubbell & Hubbell may be the very best of a very few firms that practices truly excellent design for every client’s project, of any scale. James and Drew were the first architects (other than me) who clearly understood and practiced a truly neo-primitive approach to ecotecture: using the most appropriate combination of art, craft & architecture, ancient & modern esthetics, design concepts, materials and techniques for the best, most beautiful results for each site, climate and client. James was an inspiration, and Drew carries on the legacy of truly creative ecotecture. You will be in goods hands with H & H.”

Michael Lucas Monterey, Monterey Design & Consulting Associates