Zuest Station at Walkabout Australia Nominated for a 2020 Orchid!

Please vote for the People's Choice Award here! Hubbell & Hubbell was a part of the Wool Shed team, and it was a great project. Check out the Walkabout Australia exhibit when you get the chance, and enjoy a cool beverage at the Wool Shed. To read more about the Wool Shed project, click here. [...]

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Virtual Father’s Day Hubbell Hill Open House

Our first ever Virtual Open House Father's Day Tour of the Hubbell family home in Santa Ysabel features many of the things you love about visiting in-person. James and Anne will greet you, and you will get to hear stories from my brothers and I about growing up there. You’ll hear our stories of creating [...]

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Ilan-Lael Virtual Open House Tour Tickets!

My parents, James and Anne Hubbell, and the Ilan-Lael Foundation will be bringing our home to yours this year. Our traditional Father's Day Open House Tour at Ilan-Lael will be virtual - for not one, but two whole days! Tickets are just $9.99 (normally $50) and all proceeds go to benefit the many programs of [...]

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Hubbell & Hubbell’s Goal: Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

In order to ensure a better future for our children and our planet, each of us has to do our part in reducing our carbon footprint. Hubbell and Hubbell Architects projects have been working towards lower energy emissions and a lower carbon footprint since we were founded 25 years ago, but there is much more [...]

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