A Green Building Solution – the ICCF Block

Don’t miss this info on a great solution to building materials! Hubbell & Hubbell used the ICCF block to build the Ilan-Lael Center in Santa Ysabel, CA. From first-hand experience, the insulating qualities during both the winters and the summers have proven itself in energy savings and comfort levels, as well as sound quality. From [...]

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Our Booth at Earth Fair – Sunday, April 28th!

Drew Hubbell will be at the Earth Fair this Sunday morning, April 28th, from 9am-12pm hosting a climate ribbon booth. Our spot is west of the organ pavilion near the International Houses. Check out the link to the project that helps expand awareness to climate change. Come and tie a ribbon!   Learn about the [...]

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Beautiful Oil Painting at EdStudio by James Hubbell!

Featuring another beautiful work that is now on display and for purchase in the EdStudio (below Hubbell & Hubbell office on 6th Ave & Grape St in San Diego) featuring James Hubbell & Ed Abrams' work! Call Hubbell & Hubbell office ahead of time at (619) 231-0446 or email [email protected] to check out the gallery [...]

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Check out James Hubbell & Ed Abrams’ Gallery!

Check out James Hubbell & Ed Abrams' Gallery on the 1st floor of Hubbell & Hubbell Architects on 6th & Grape St! Call ahead so we can open it up for you (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm) at (619) 231-0446 or email [email protected] Attached are a couple of the wonderful works that are on display and for sale.

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The Julian Journal: Art and Architecture for Positive Change

Check out this wonderful article about my parents, Anne and James Hubbell, written by the Julian Journal. Well-stated, "The Hubbells are as busy as they’ve ever been, with no signs of slowing down."   "Art and Architecture for Positive Change"

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