Project Description

Glorietta Bay Fountain & Sculpture

This art piece and sculptural element, commissioned by the City of Coronado, was designed to connect the City Hall building and the Community Center building. It is our hope that this particular space will be a place of celebration and of meeting, and will support activities of government and public celebration.

The Coronado Public Art Subcommittee imagined James Hubbell’s fanciful organic forms as the perfect counterpoint to the simple architectural lines of the Glorietta Bay Civic Center buildings.

The fountain and marble sculpture are located in the formal entrance to the Glorietta Bay Project, and are the focal point of both the theater and Glorietta Bay. The sculpture’s form reiterates the sense of understated coast line of both the bay and the ocean.

Awards & Recognition

  • 2007 Orchid Award, Public Art – San Diego Architectural Foundation

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