Project Description

Sharp Grossmont Health Care Center Courtyard & Fountain

This James Hubbell-designed, 20-foot focal area is located in the middle of the health center’s entrance courtyard which is outlined by round river pebbles and blue tile. The “Moving Circles” fountain rises out of the patio in natural shapes suggesting life and growth within the earth. The use of stone, both large boulders and cut stone, give the space a feeling of age.

The honey quartz stones near the flat area become more textured and natural as they go up toward a bronze wheel-like form growing out of the wall. The bronze sculptural form, which has clearly been made by the hand of another human, suggests a sun or a wheel of life.

Water falls gently from the inside of the stone wall. In places it hits the stone and breaks into the light, making a pleasant sound.

The cardinal directions (North, South, East, and West) worked into the stone floor surrounding the fountain add another layer to the courtyard and give a sense of connection to the earth.

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