Project Description

This gorgeous Spanish style home nestled in the vineyards of Temecula, California is one of Hubbell and Hubbell’s specialty straw bale homes; it sits on 4.2 acres and offers amazing panoramic views that direct the sight of residents to the surrounding Palomar Mountains. The owners whom originally moved here from Czechoslovakia had the vision to create a green home that integrates locally sourced natural building materials to passively benefit from daylighting and natural ventilation. They now have immense savings to their electric bill due to straw bale’s great insulation qualities. To put it into perspective, the average monthly electric cost in San Diego County is $95-130 while these residents’ bill is around $80/month for a 2,200SF green structure. The exterior unconditioned spaces include large patio areas and an attached 700 sf 2 car wood garage. This straw bale home design benefits from superior insulating qualities that keep the home cooler in the summer and adds to the overall sustainability of the project by coming from a highly renewable and environmentally friendly resource; leftover stalks from California rice crop. Straw bale historically has served as a buildings sole structure however, in some cases wood or steel framing is integrated as support.  Straw bale homes have been proven to be fire resistant during the fires in western US this past year.

The home integrates traditional Californian ranch design with Spanish style and features a Spanish style tiled roof made of ceramic. The plan contains four bedrooms all arranged around a central corridor that connects the private areas with the public areas of the house. The centralized entrance allows the flow of circulation to immediately open to a grand living and dining area with which through you can access a covered patio that wraps the southeast corner of the home. The Spanish arched arcade also provides exterior living space while protecting the home from direct solar gain. To capture a welcoming atmosphere inside of the home, the design hosts arched walkways, vaulted 16’ high ceilings and clerestory windows which open the space to natural day lighting. 41 volunteers helped the owners stack the bales and build their home like a good ol’ fashioned barn (bale) raising!

Photo Credit: Pavlina Kubicek

This Hubbell & Hubbell home was featured in the Valley News in December of 2019. Check out the article here.

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