Project Description

Located in Leucadia, this beautiful home that was designed and built by Hubbell and Hubbell is snuggled into the hillside of a quiet neighborhood in north east Encinitas overlooking an expansive green space that frames the inhabitant’s sight straight to the Pacific Ocean. Just Minutes from Batiquitos Lagoon State Marine Conservatory and South Ponto Beach, this three bedroom house consists of 2,650 sf of indoor space and 830 sf of unconditioned areas including several covered patios.

The rock walls and Tuscan Sun stucco create a warm atmosphere that invites you into a home that is both spacious and private for the residents. The open floor plan in tandem with slightly curvilinear interior walls encourages seamless transition from room to room directing you through the house and outside, where you emerge onto a large patio surrounded by lush vegetation and views of a living roof.

The interior contrast between the white walls and beautifully stained hardwood floors create a sublimely satisfying expression of simplicity. Clerestory windows allow light to enter and magnificently dance through the living quarters on both floors of the home. Large sliding doors adorned with dark bronze and wood allow for the floor plan to be opened to the elements inviting the very essence of the surrounding site inside to the residence.

Subtle plays in materiality of unstained wood on the grand staircase and dark granite counter tops in the kitchen create an aesthetic balance that accentuate a clear attention to detail. The central staircase connects the great room to a beautifully open mezzanine and patio that provide absolute privacy while maintaining the same impressive views achieved in the patio below.

Photo credit: Benjamin Swanson

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