Project Description

Comfort Station & Art Elements

Located near the Grossmont Healthcare Center in La Mesa, landscape architects and prime consultants Schmidt Design Group designed Briercrest Park to offer City of La Mesa residents and hospital patients a park space for recreation, education, relaxation and healing. To this end, Briercrest’s landscaping includes fragrance gardens, contour gardens with undulating hills, and a butterfly-shaped mosaic created by James Hubbell greeting visitors at the park entry.

The Hubbell & Hubbell architecture studio designed the one-of-a-kind comfort station/restroom building to blend in with the park and contribute artistic touches, while still maintaining its functionality. Features include masonry walls, natural daylighting and ventilation, custom stained-glass windows, shaded/landscaped entry area, private unisex room and storage room. Mosaic tile work has been applied to the building to serve multiple functions of keeping areas clean, indicating that water is near, and integrating the structure into the colorful and whimsical landscaping.

Phase II includes plans for a sculptural play area with five huts or play sculptures, a frog throne, and butterfly garden, and a butterfly entrance gate designed by James Hubbell.

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