Project Description

Net-Zero Electricity on a Budget

The design for this four-bedroom residence and detached garage respects and celebrates large granite boulders on the site where the original home burned in 2003 Cedar Fire.  Energy efficiency and onsite power generation was a priority for our clients–a local energy policy expert and his family.

Challenges included rebuilding a fire-resistive home with a limited insurance budget. The photovoltaic panels and solar hot water panels mounted on the garage roof make this a net-zero-electricity* home.

*(Because propane is used for gas and some space heating, the home is not considered “net-zero-energy”.)



The Anders Residence was featured in the Norwegian magazine Sfære, “a magazine from Enova about energy and climate, for modern people homes.” The Autumn issue (No. 2-2009) focused on ways California is taking control of climate change. The Anders Residence was highlighted as an example of an energy-efficient, passively designed, green home that produces more energy than it consumes. “The Anders Family Chose the Future.” Sfære (Norway) Fall 2009.