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Project Description

Accessory Dwelling Units

Is an Accessory Dwelling Unit right for your property? ADUs (also known as granny flats or guest houses) are independent facilities that can either be connected or detached from your main home. These units provide the chance to live more affordably in California, and Hubbell and Hubbell offers those services if you are looking into building one for your property. It is not meant to be sold separately from your main house but can be rented. It’s the perfect place for weekend guests or even long-term tenants. Here are some updates that have happened in the past year and Hubbell and Hubbell examples if you’re considering an ADU:

It is no longer allowed for local governments to prohibit ADUs, and there is no need to connect a separate utility connection if it is within a current residence. The ADU will be zoned for single family residential if it has access to outside and complies with fire code with side and rear setbacks. The floor area cannot surpass 1,200 square feet and should be less than 50% of current living space. As for parking, one space per bedroom is required unless the following is true:

-Public transit is within a half mile

– In a historic district

– Already part of a current accessory structure or a current primary residence

– When the occupant of ADU is not offered on-street parking permits although they are required

– Within 1 block of a car share space

If you are interested in having an ADU for yourself and your family, check out the examples of units that Hubbell and Hubbell has designed in the past. Please contact us if you have any questions!

Below are references to ADU guidebooks for the San Diego area.


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