Santa’s Vacation Home

HGTV and Pop-2-Life sought after Hubbell & Hubbell Architects to help them permit this giant gingerbread house for the Santa Monica Place at the south end of the Promenade in Santa Monica, CA.  Hubbell & Hubbell did construction drawings and permitting for this pre-fabricated structure. Santa's new home. Santa needs a break. [...]

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CTPH Gorilla Vase Raffle

Help Support the Health and Gorilla Conservation Center by joining the CTPH Gorilla Vase Raffle (vase by Miranda Thomas, international renowned artist).  http://ctph.givezooks.com/events/ctph-gorilla-vase-raflle

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More Rain Barrel Rebates

  The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California has a  new Residential Rain Barrel Rebate Program! You can now save $75 on purchase and installation of a water tank or barrel for rainwater harvesting. This means more water for your garden without impacting the water supply for the rest of the state. The program is first [...]

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