Why One Green Architect Decides to Go Solar

Why did architect Drew Hubbell, a 20 year veteran in green building, decide to install solar panels on his home now? “Since my family is very careful in conserving energy, the payback for installing photovoltaic panels on our home was pretty long, and did not make sense.” However, three factors changed his mind: the rising [...]

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Fans – a great way to lower your temperature and energy consumption!

Using fans can save your money and add to your comfort and healthiness! If you have air conditioning, using a fan can help save your money. A single-room fan can cost 0.7 cents per hour, while whole-home AC will cost $1 – 2 per hour, depending on the age & efficiency of the unit. By [...]

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Energy-Efficient Buildings and Incentive Programs

We are encouraged by the fact that lean economic times offer opportunities for people to beautify and green their existing spaces, helping save money and resources over time along with limiting our impact on the environment. More people are considering environmental impacts as well as economic costs of building and operating their homes, [...]

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