USGBC – Building Zen

Drew Hubbell spoke to USGBC about his experience designing a green living space for the Buddhists Nuns at Deer Park Monastery. About Presentation: Drew touched on working with a new and unique client to achieve the goals they had set to be close to nature without harming it. Taking on the ideas of Thich Nhat [...]

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New School of Architecture Visit

Hubbell and Hubbell  reached out to the New School of Architecture to present information on fire resistive material. Though James Hubbell's life work was affected by the wild fire of 2003, the destruction of the fire has presented opportunities to enlighten future architects on how to help their work resist natural disaster.

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Friends of Kebyar Feature James Hubbell

The most recent edition of Friends of Kebyar (Volume 27.1,  Issue Number 76, 2011) features displays from the exhibition "American Organic Architecture, The Heritage of Frank Lloyd Wright" which took place in Russia this past year. Display panels showing some of James Hubbell's projects were included in the show and are featured in the magazine, [...]

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