Come and see what we’re working on during OH! The San Diego Architectural Foundation is hosting the 5th Annual citywide open house event – inviting you to see behind-the-scenes of local architectural firms. Get to know your city and what it has to offer! Hubbell & Hubbell, located near Balboa Park, is a unique 25-year-old firm that has been working on a wide range of designs that you will want to check out. Drew Hubbell helped permit the first ever straw bale residence, proven to be both more resilient and cost-effective, in San Diego County in 2003 and has since created 40 of them throughout the county and beyond. Not only that, our extensive work at the San Diego Safari Park and more recently, a versatile range of homes and companion units, always keeps us on our toes and excited for these unique opportunities.

Not only that, a gallery shared by renowned artist James Hubbell and Ed Abrams is downstairs and will be open at the same time as H&H on Saturday, March 7th. Visit us and spend some time at the gallery sale, where beautiful pieces from these local artists are both on display and available for purchase.

Address of Hubbell & Hubbell Architects

(EdStudio downstairs):

1970 6th Ave

San Diego, CA 92101

Hours Open for OH! Event:

Saturday, March 7th, 2020 from 10am-4pm.


For more information about the OH! event, visit here.