We are proud to see that the Kubicek straw bale home Hubbell & Hubbell designed in 2018 was featured in Valley News last month! This 2,200SF home in Temecula houses 3 residents comfortably and with immense savings to their electric bill due to straw bale’s great insulation qualities. To put it into perspective, the average monthly electric cost in San Diego County is $95-130 while these residents’ bill is around $80/month for a 2,200SF green structure. Not only that, but straw bale construction is fire-resistant, which is definitely a factor to consider if you are living in a wildfire-hazardous area. The residents worked with 41 volunteers who helped them stack bales and construct their home. A good ol’ fashioned “barn (bale) raising!” We are thrilled to see that they are loving their new home.

To read the Valley News article written by Will Fritz, click here.

Photo credit: Pavlina Kubicek

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