Don’t miss this info on a great solution to building materials! Hubbell & Hubbell used the ICCF block to build the Ilan-Lael Center in Santa Ysabel, CA. From first-hand experience, the insulating qualities during both the winters and the summers have proven itself in energy savings and comfort levels, as well as sound quality.

From an article written by the Eco Building Systems Corporation, ‘The Perfect Block’ is an insulated composite concrete form (ICCF) created from the following:

  • Ground-up post-industrial, post-consumer Styrofoam™
  • Portland cement
  • Admixtures & water


  • Mixing cement with Styrofoam ground into an aggregate = makes block fireproof
  • High insulating qualities due to the use of EPS (Styrofoam)
  • 100% of EPS in ICCF is recycled
  • 87% of each block volume is recycled EPS
  • The cores, similar to CMU block, are grouted with concrete and rebar & creates load-bearing, shear, retaining, perimeter, sound attenuation, and highly insulated stem walls
  • Costs less than wood framing
  • 700% stronger than wood or metal stud frame construction
  • Sound attenuation capability
  • 4 hour fire-rating
  • Withstands up to 250 mph winds
  • Does not burn at an open flame (4,000 degrees!)
  • Termite / insect resistant: No wood inside
  • Capable of being approved for 0 earthquake zones
  • Design versatility – can be shaped uniquely by cutting

Refer to for more info & the Published Technical Building Guide and test reports.